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Most Common 300 Words

Top 100

the you are be by we an if
of that as this word when each will
and it with have but your which up
a he his from not can she other
to was they or what said do about
in for I one all there how out
is on at had were use their many


then make two way been now day made
them like more could call find did may
these him write people who long get part
so into go my oil down come over
some time see than        
her has number first        
would look no water  

Top 101-200

new place very sentence through old want set
sound year after man much any show put
take live thing think before same also and
only me our say line tell around does
little back just great right boy form another
work give name where too follow three well
know most good help mean came small large


must why different picture away page found should
big ask home again animal letter study America
even went us change house mother still world
such men move off point answer learn high
because read try play        
turn need kind spell        
here land hand air  

Top 201-300

every country never head while hard both important
near plant start under along open paper until
add last city story might example together children
food school earth saw close begin got side
between father eye left something life group feet
own keep light don’t seem always often car
below tree thought few next those run mile


night river stop eat let mountain soon family
walk four without face above cut list body
white carry second watch girl young song music
sea state late far sometimes talk leave color
began once miss Indian        
grow book idea real        
took hear enough almost