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Step 5: Comprehension

In order to understand what we read, we must first be automatic with Phonemic, Phonic, and sight word skills!

Comprehension begins with:

Listening to and following directions

Having conversations and staying on topic

Telling about something that happened in a clear way, often beginning, middle, end

Discussing and retelling stories read aloud

Connecting content of stories read aloud to one’s own life.

Visualizing a picture for words like cat or mom

Making Mental Images during stories

Talking about what you see, hear, smell feel etc. while reading a story


Comprehension continues with:

Summarizing/Main Idea

Monitoring comprehension (notice when something does not make sense)

Using prior knowledge

Making connections to own life, experiences and knowledge

Generating, asking and answering questions

Making inferences, including cause-effect

Establishing a purpose for reading

Creating graphic and semantic organizers

Recognizing story structure

Evaluating and Synthesizing