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About Us

We are teachers who are passionate about making sure ALL children learn to read.  There are many bright children (and adults) who struggle with reading.  Through excellent brain research brought to life in Stanislas Dehaene’s book Reading in The Brain: The New Science of How we Read and Zaretta Hammond’s research (and book) on Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain as well as many other sources, trainings and years of experience we have been able to consistently reach these struggling readers.  We hope the information and materials in this site will help make reading easier for many.

We are passionate about all learning, but this site is focused on a specific part of reading that greatly influences all others: being able to look at a string of letters and read it as a word quickly and fluently.

Chris Jaglo
Chris Jaglo

Chris Jaglo

  • BS in Elementary Education
  • Special Ed. Certification
  • Masters in Environmental Education
  • 30 year Classroom and Special Education teacher in Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Teacher trainer in reading
  • Private tutoring
  • Special Awards:
    • 1998 Minnesota Council of Exceptional Children Special Teacher of the Year
    • 2000 Minneapolis Teacher of the Year
Karin Emerson
Karin Emerson

Karin Emerson

  • BA in Psychology and Family Studies
  • K-6 Teaching license
  • Masters Degree in Experiential Education
  • Reading License
  • Began teaching in 1991
  • Teacher trainer in reading
  • Reading Specialist since 2001 working with, teaching and coaching:
    • Students
    • Parents
    • Volunteers
    • Teachers
    • Tutors
  • UMBIDA presenter
  • Consultant for Anoka County and Great River Regional Libraries

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