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PowerPoint Icon PowerPoints

Directions for PowerPoints: The PowerPoints are designed to click through as a student(s) learn and practice a skill with help. Click present, then click through the slides. There is often specific highlighting of word chunks and other animations. Often the formatting of the PowerPoint will be off if opened in Google Slides. To avoid this download the PowerPoint to your computer so it can open in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint:All Syllable Types with Practice (with directions in notes sectionUse only slides that are relevant to where you are in the steps.

Word and Phrase Lists Lists icon

Directions for Highlighting Lists
Directions for Highlighting Lists PowerPoint
Directions (and pros and cons) for Timing Students
Make Your Own Word Lists Use this Making Words website to create lists of words for target sounds or skills.

Flashcards Flashcard icon

Directions for working with Flashcards
Directions for Flashing Words

Games Icon Games

Directions for Games:
Games with Picture Cards
Games with Words/Phrases on Game Board
I Have, Who Has games
Blank Game Boards
Bang! Game

Lists icon Spelling

See the Spelling Page

Small Books icon Small Books

Books formatted horizontally are done so for distance learning so all the pages face the same way and can be read on a computer screen. Horizontally formatted books do not work to be assembled into physical books with the directions below.

Directions for Small Book Assembly 
Directions for Small Book 4 pager Assembly

Syllable Sort Icon Syllabication and Syllable Sorts

Strategy for Breaking Up Big Words: Spot and Dot
Spot and Dot teaching PowerPoint
Syllabication Guidelines

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