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Re-reading Sentences to Help with Comprehension

Highlighting and Repeating to practice reading for meaning

Highlight all periods in red (or a similar color to represent a stop sign) when you come to them.  Then re-read the sentence. You will be reading each sentence twice: once before you highlight the period (to decode the words), and once immediately after to read fluently and understand the sentence.
? or Hard Highlight words that are hard to read or hard to understand in blue. If you can figure out the word, do it. If you cannot, then ask someone to help with these words. You are training your brain to notice the words that are tricky.
Answers After you read the passage, answer questions.  For each question, go back to the story and highlight the words that told you what the answer to the question would be in green. (The question “What was this passage mainly about” is a good one, but would entail too much highlighting.  However, a learner can use a pencil to underline the sentences that have to do with what they think the main idea is, to see if the majority of sentences are underlined.  If not, try another answer and underline in a different color.  Are most of the sentences underlined in this color?)

After this has all been done, read the story one more time while someone times for one minute.  Make learner is reading at least 75 words per minute or over 100 words per minute for older readers.