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Helpful Websites & Resources

The following are various websites, some for children to play with, and some for adults to gain information.
Scope and sequence, materials, teaching videos and directions to teach a child to read.

Information for Parents
Reading Rockets is full of information for parents and teachers about kids who are struggling to read including strategies to help struggling readers and steps for teachers and parents when a reading problem is suspected.
LD Online is a huge site for parents and teachers of children who may have a learning disability. It is full of information, resources and links to other sites.
The Learning Disabilities Association’s  website is a great place to start looking for information and resources about learning disabilities.
The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) has a wealth of information.  Check out their “Fact Sheets.”
Our local chapter of IDA is The Upper Midwest Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (UMBIDA).  Umbida has a wealth of information as well as support groups and other more local resources.
The ‘Get Ready to Read’ website is full of information about prereading and reading skillsincluding assessments, things you can help your child with at home and games.  This is great for any parent of a beginning reader, even parents of preschoolers.
Links to interactive games, information, teaching strategies, quizzes and activities on just about every skill you could want.This site was designed for teachers, so not all activities will be logical to do at home. Click on the Grade Level Help K-8 box at the top of the home page. Then go to the grade level where your child’s approximate skills are (or a lower grade level) and either click on Skill Builders or Language arts. The two links will give you the same list, just organized in a different way.

Games for Children
At kids can play reading games.  Most games are for beginning readers. The stories at the end are set up so if you click on a word the computer reads it to you.
The PBS website has many child friendly games and activities.
There are a lot of games and activities in many subjects and many grade levels. So many it might take a while to find what you want.

Merriam-Webster has a dictionary site for kids with many extra’s like “word or the day.”

Books on Tape

Your public library!
Your library has tons of audiobooks, including the ability to check them out remotely!
If your child is formally diagnosed with a learning disability that makes reading difficult, Learning Ally and Bookshare are both websites you can join to receive information and books recorded on tape.

Tumblebooks is a resource that includes a membership fee.
Tumblebooks is a great website where kids can pick a story and have the computer read it to them.              Minneapolis Public Schools has paid for a membership for all Minneapolis students.   If you are in the Minneapolis Public School district, go to and find ‘student learning resources’ to access Tumblebooks. If you are not a Minneapolis family and you do not have access through your home district there is a membership fee.

An interactive handwriting website shows the correct formation of manuscript (first link) and cursive (second link) letters.

The Khan Academy can help learners wherever they are through teaching videos, practice and more.
This is Utah State University’s National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. Takes a bit to find things you are looking for, but it is full of great math games. This is my favorite math site.