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Learning Styles and the 8 Intelligences

Everyone is unique in the way we think and learn.  It is important to learn as much about how we learn to advocate for ourselves as we go through school or take classes.

This said, we have different preferred ways to learn different things.  Research does not support, for example, someone being a “visual learner.”  We all learn better when presented information in multiple ways, and may prefer one mode for one type of learning, and a different mode of another type of learning.  The key is to pay attention to how you learn best in a variety of settings.

For example, I struggle to pay attention well unless I am up front, but I also struggle to sit for long periods of time.  Therefore I arrive at classes early and sit in the front on the end of the row so I can quietly get up without disturbing others.  I bring colored pens and highlighters to take notes with.  I do not learn well by just listening, but taking notes in colors and the occasional drawing helps me learn and remember.  I am also very global.  I prefer to understand the whole picture and where the new information fits.  I am a better learner because I understand how I learn.

My daughter often learns better when she is able to doodle at the same time.  My sister-in-Law prefers to have noise (often the TV) in the background.  Either of these would absolutely take away from my learning!

 The following are links to some categories of learning ‘types’ you can use to get started thinking about this.  These are not exhaustive lists, however might be helpful as you get started thinking about this.