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What About ADHD?

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) with or without hyperactivity is a big buzzword today.  The ability to sustain focus depends on a lot of things.  Other problems like visual problems, sequencing problems, hearing problems and others sometimes look like ADHD.  If you are concerned about ADHD  speak with your family physician about it.  ADHD is a medical condition that is diagnosed by a doctor or a psychiatrist.  The doctor or psychiatrist diagnoses ADHD by studying questionnaires that teachers, day-care providers and parents fill out.
There are many ways of dealing with ADHD.  Many revolve around teaching children to identify and control their own behavior as well as parents, teachers and day-care providers creating and following a consistent plan for immediate consequences for good and poor behavior.  Some children with severe ADHD find medication helps with school success.  Remember that the parents are in charge.  Even with a diagnosis, no treatment can be provided without the parent’s O.K.
ADHD can definitely cause struggles, but there are also benefits to having this king of brain.  Be sure to read current articles around ADHD.


ADHD isn’t all bad…

Children with ADHD can drive us crazy in the classroom where we want calm, quiet and still children.  However, in an emergency we want someone with ADHD around.  While all those neurotypical people are panicking due to the overstimulation of the emergency, the ADHD people are focused, calm and in charge.  As with most differences, there benefits as well as frustrations with this issue.