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Reference Visuals

6 syllable reference poster Reference Poster for 6 Syllables:
Refer to this throughout so learners can see their progress, and review what they have learned.

Drawings 6 syllable poster Reference Poster for 6 Syllables With Drawings:
An alternative to the above poster.

Closed Syllable Header All 6 Syllable Posters

vce cover sheet All 6 Syllable Cover Sheets
All of the 6 syllable and schwa cover sheets in one place.

syllable wall poster 6 Syllable Wall Poster (11×17)

dip/dia header Diphthong/Digraph Poster

Big Sounds Pack Big Sounds Pack Use this throughout the steps, adding letter combinations as you go. If you feel the need to organize these, here are the labels I use.

Sound to Symbol Chart
Sounds sounds and all the ways each sound can be spelled.  Spelling of each sound is listed from most common spelling to least common.

Flashcard icon Blank Flashcards

Board Game Blank Gameboards
ZAP Blank ZAP Game

Blank Progress Graph Blank Progress Graphs

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