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Syllable Sorts

This is a great way to practice breaking words up into syllables.


  1. Cut a word out.
  2. Put pencil lines where the syllables are broken (example: bro/ken)
  3. Read word to teacher and tell what kind of syllables are in the word (example: bro/ken, “broken,” Open Syllable, Closed Syllable)
  4. Cut word into its syllables and place under correct heading.

In addition to the paper headings we also have a closed paper bag to represent the Closed Syllable, a toy convertible with the top open for Open Syllable, a tiny magician’s hat for magic e, etc…  You can use whatever makes sense to represent the syllables.

Click on the following for Syllable Sort materials:

Syllable Sort Headings

You may also want to include an “Ending” heading for various endings

Syllable Sort – Open, Closed, Magic e

Syllable Sort – Open, Closed, Magic e, regular Vowel Teams

Syllable Sort – Open, Closed, Magic e, regular Vowel Teams, Bossy r

Syllable Sort – Open, Closed, Vowel Teams, Bossy r, -cle

Syllable Sort – all syllables