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Learn To Read: Steps 1 – 10

Learn to read!  Go through the 10 steps to learn to read or get better at reading!

Step 1: Short Vowels

Step 2: 4h Brothers (th, sh, wh, ch), Blends, Unusual Blends (-ng, -nk, -tch, -dge, kn, gn, ph, wr, -mb, -mn)

Step 3: Open (hi, go) and Closed (hat, big) Syllables

Step 4: Magic e (bike, make) and Contractions Detour

Step 5: Regular Vowel Teams (ie, ai, ay, oa, ow, oe, ea, ie, ee, ey) and Long Vowel Chunks Detour (igh, ang, old …)

Step 6: Bossy r (ar, er, ir, ur, or)

Step 7: Adding Syllables together and Schwa (ə)

Step 8: -cle (uncle, turtle) and Adding Endings Detour

Step 9: Irregular Vowel Teams: Diphthongs and Digraphs (oo, oi, oy, au, aw, augh, ui, ue, ew, ou, ow)

Step 10: Huge Words!

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