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Chunks: More than Letter Sounds!

Automaticity with sounds and chunks is critical for reading fluency and comprehension.

Big Sounds Pack The Big Sounds Pack

*The Big Sounds Pack As you go through the steps, practice known sounds and then add new ones as they are introduced. This sounds pack includes the 26 letters plus 73 more letter combinations that need to be learned like th, ch, igh, aw, and many, many more! 
Directions: Practice for just a couple minutes, many times each day. Print sounds back to back so the correct sound along with a target word will be printed on the back.  Keep reviewing the sounds already known, and as new ones are introduced add them to the pack! Being automatic with the sounds for 99 letters and letter combinations is crucial for reading. Use the strategy in Learning New Words or Sounds With Flashcards in order to bring the sounds to automaticity.

Long Vowel Cheater Chunks

Long Vowel Chunks

*Highlight target chunk and then read word!
igh eigh ang ank old ind ild oll olt ost

Lists icon Word and Phrase Lists

Long Vowel Cheater Chunks igh  eigh  ang  ank  old  ind  ild  oll  olt  ost

Flashcard icon Flashcards

Games Icon Games

Small Books icon Small Books

Small Book assembly directions, 4 Pager folding directions, OR use horizontal format for reading on screen in distance learning.

Full Page Stories with Lists

Full Page Stories with Lists

Highlighting Word Lists directions

Teacher icon Teacher Resources


More on the Directions Page

Building words by adding endings to base words with the Long Vowel Cheater Chunk -igh:
Highlight the -igh chunk in each title word. For the words below the title word, underline the title word and highlight the additional endings. If there is more than one ending, use a different color for each. See Picture.

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